Cossatot Rock
Sand,Gravel and
Crushed Aggregates

Commercial Asphalt

  • Arkansas Class 1 Chips
  • Class 5 Base
  • Class 5 Pea Gravel
  • Manufactured Sand
  • Fill Sand
  • D-Rock
Arkansas Class 1 Chips
Best Use: Asphalt and Sealing Aggregate for Roads, Highways and Car Parks
Class 5 Base
Best Use: Road Construction, Paved Areas, Pad

Class 5 Pea Gravel
Best Use: Decorative Concrete, Exposed Concrete in Pathways, Driveways, Swimming Pools and Other Outdoor Applications

Manufactured Sand
Best Use: Asphalt Production, Replacement for Natural Sand


Fill Sand
Best Use: Drainage, Filter Materials around Pipes, Pad Construction

Best Use: Mineral Component for Asphalt Material

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